21 Content Bucket Ideas for Instagram Marketing

All of us have always heard that Instagram Marketing is one of the most powerful social media marketing techniques content is the king of Social Media Marketing, I say that consistency is the queen! While we try to build great content on social media, we often fail to be consistent. The main reason why this happens is we often don’t know what to post. We also often look at perfection and not the execution.

It’s definitely important to create content, but it’s also important to execute and deliver it on time on various platforms. Remember, we can only win the end game of creating a social media presence by creating valuable and consistent content for our audience. 

One of the ways by which you can solve the issue of being inconsistent is by creating a content bucket for your audience in advance. Here’s a list of 21 campaign ideas which you can use to create easy, amazing, and valuable content for your audience.

Instagram Marketing & Content Bucket Ideas:

How – to posts for Instagram Marketing

People often need to know the HOW TO’s of your industry or product. Example: If you want to launch your app, creating a content series of how to use the different functions of the app can be a great idea. 


Testimonials can help you create goodwill and creditworthiness in front of your prospective audience. People often like to hear or read about what others think of you.

Client Work

It’s a great idea to show the work you’ve previously done. It helps your audience understand if they can get what they need from you. Such campaigns can be really helpful to people who want to market their skills. For Example – Graphic Designers or Artists.


Sometimes your audience might not know how and why you can be useful to them and their business. It’s important to tell them why to choose you, or why they can use your skill to grow their business, brand, personality, etc.

What you do

Till you don’t put across all the services that you provide, people cannot understand all the things that you do. It’s important to let people know of your capabilities.

Work In Progress

Your followers are always keen on knowing how you execute things. How do you come out with the final product? For example: If you are a YouTuber, people will also love to watch how you create your videos. 


Sometimes the simplest of things like Quotes, can have a great impact on your social media engagement. If you can give out a powerful quote at the right time to the right audience, it can help in great engagement.


With the advances in the tech world, two people don’t really need to sit across each other to have an interview. All you have to do is, get in touch with an industry specialist, and get him on a live chat. Suddenly, all their followers will be your audience as well. Thus, you will have a higher reach.


Contests and giveaways can prove to be the Ninja techniques of your growth on social media. If you conduct contests with good giveaways, the chances of your audience engaging can be astounding! If people interact with your posts, your reach is definitely going to be higher.


People often connect with stories and experiences. If you are looking to create a personal brand it’s important that you express your feelings and experiences in the form of a story. All you need to do is put down your feelings in a few words.

Industry News

Keeping the audience updated about your industry news, or anything new that comes up in the industry can prove to be startling. Example: If you are a digital marketer, updating the audience about the latest Instagram rooms can be an exciting idea.

Current Affairs

As responsible and aware citizens, we can also post a little about what’s currently happening in the world. Sending an emotional message about your thoughts on the pandemic can be a part of your content strategy. 

Case Studies

You can share your success stories on social media. This gives the confidence to your prospective customer to choose you instead of anyone else. Example: If you are a nutritionist or a gym trainer, you can share the then and now images of your clients (Of course with their permission) to build trust in the community

Not to Do’s

A lot of people talk about do’s but talking about not to do’s helps your audience understand what they are doing wrong. It somehow creates a better impact on the audience and often makes them respond to your call to action.

Influencer Connects

If you have a brand or a product & want it to reach a particular niche of customers quickly, influencer marketing can do wonders for you. There are many bloggers, but the challenge for you will be to find the right blogger for your industry. Reach out to the correct blogger, to reach the correct audience.

Questions & Answers

Social media platforms like Instagram provide engaging stickers, which can really help with client interactions. Allow your audience to ask you questions about you and your brand. Then you can go live, and answer them all. Such interactions help in developing a great and loyal relationship with your audience.


It’s a great idea to throw out challenges to people via your social media. Ask them to tag you and make sure your name is present somewhere in the challenge. For example: At the beginning of all India lockdown, there was a bingo challenge on Instagram which provided a lot of engagement to brand pages.


Polls are a great way to understand the audience’s perspective on things related to your business. Polls can be conducted with your audience in various places. Example – Instagram stories, Facebook groups, telegram chats, etc. It helps you understand what kind of content they are liking and what should you keep promoting.


This is a great way to show that you are legit. Show your direct interactions with your clients. Example: Your client engaged with you on WhatsApp and praised your product. Sharing the screenshot of the same works as a testimonial as well as a great content idea.


Major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube allow you to go live and interact with your audience. Social media algorithms work in such a way that the chances of being visible when you are live is always higher. Your audience is notified if you go live. Therefore, the audience relevant to you will often interact with you.


Sometimes bringing the fun element to your posts can make your audience stay on your page longer. A social media page like 9gag is one of the best examples of the same. It’s hard to leave the page, once you enter it.

Other than the above mentioned campaign ideas, here’s a bonus tip that can be used for almost all content that you put out on social media. Use Call to Actions. Using CTA’s can help you see increased user engagement. Your audience tends to react more if they know what needs to be done. Asking them to hit the link button, or tagging someone in the comment section helps in gaining more engagement which results in better reach.


Here’s how I’ve tried my best to give out a few content ideas. You can click here to check my Instagram Page. Please note that every business is different from each other. It’s on you how you can implement these strategies in your business. You should always choose your Social Media Platform as per your needs. When it comes to Social Media Marketing, consistency is the Key!

These strategies will help you post regularly on Social Media which will in turn help you build, grow and interact with your audience on social media platforms.

Social Media Also helps in creating great Personal Brands, and you must know that building a great Personal Brand can accelerate your business growth.

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