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20 Digital Products to Sell Online in 2021

Do you also wish to start selling digital products online but don’t know where to begin?

Well, in this blog I’m going to walk you through 20 ideas for Digital Products, how you can create them easily & make a passive income online! But that wouldn’t be enough, you would need varied platforms to actually place them into. Hence, we’ve created a list of Sites for you to start selling that you’ll find at the end of this article.

Let’s dive right in & check out some Digital Products that can also be used as lead magnets!



One of the absolute best ways to make money online is by selling Ebooks. E-Books can be a great way to share information that you think you’re an expert at while also being an important source for people looking to learn.

If you’re a blogger or a business owner, it can be a great source of revenue for you.

They’re easy to make and sell well. One example of an eBook is my own list of 10 Best Productivity Books to Read in 2021. It’s a short book of about 13 pages and as the title suggests, talks about must-read books to help boost up your productivity.


Online Courses

With businesses shifting to digital, the e-learning industry is growing rapidly especially at such unprecedented times when institutions are shut.

Short online courses were a hot selling cake of 2020 and would continue to be. You can create a course on any topic with pre-recorded or live sessions. As long as it provides value and the right information, it’s another great knowledge-based digital product to sell.

Graphic Designs

As a graphic designer, you’d have multiple options to make money from. Templates can be one of them. You can make some editable templates that can be used again and again and only then the product will be purchased more.

But that’s not all. Fonts, Brushes & Textures, Mockups etcetera are a great source of income generation. If you know how to do typography or can create good quality mockups, the ball is always in your court.



Podcasts serve as one of the most powerful ways of building a connection with your audience. Once you’ve figured out how to create online courses, you can drive traffic to your core piece of content through podcasts.

Podcasting is the ultimate place to sell digital products, because of an already engaged audience plus you get to network with other awesome people in your space. 


Webinar or Web Seminars at the moment has become one of the most innovative and effective tools of Content Marketing. It has started to take the Digital Marketing world by storm.

It’s an effective medium to demonstrate value upfront & build trust. Any kind of uncertainty can be eliminated or minimized by directly highlighting the value before the purchase which makes your selling process much easier.

Find below the recording of one of the webinars i did for a group of students with respect to personal branding. Such Webinars help in building credibility and helps in building your audience.

Webinar on Personal Branding

Membership Sites

A membership site is basically a website where access to specific content is protected behind a login page. These sites have become increasingly popular in recent times. It’s another amazing way to charge for your knowledge and to earn a decent income.

Similar to an online magazine where one needs to pay for subscriptions, membership sites can be paid to read your content. The type of content can range from Blog articles, Listicles, videos or anything that provides information and value.

WordPress themes

WordPress themes to date have been covered by almost 38% of all websites. Because of its ready-made customizable feature, it’s quite natural that Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Bloggers, or any Professional tend to prefer WordPress.

You can sell some premade themes for WordPress which customers can download and use straight away on their own website.

YouTube Tutorials

This is simply a no-brainer. Offering video tutorials through a YouTube channel has been a very effective money-making source. Unlike earlier times, now content creators have multiple ways to monetize their content.

It can be done through Google Ads, Brand Sponsorship, Fan Funding or Merchandise Sale. You can even sell short video-based tutorials offering exclusive elements for YouTubers who don’t have the skill & expertise to do it themselves.

Digital Art

Digital Artists have a huge demand when it comes to creating unique & valuable products. Original artworks, drawings, sketches, or finished pieces you have numerous ways to put your products to sale.

Original artwork pieces have also the opportunity to be priced higher than graphic designs. eCommerce has opened lucrative avenues for generating income without any extra hassle of setting up a physical store, printing in hand copies. This way it creates a pretty win-win for both buyers & sellers.

PDF Documents

Self-publishing has become easier than ever. One can benefit from turning words into value by putting into documents and selling them. You can make documents accessible in the form of informational pieces like manuals, guides, or Business proposal templates.

One such document that i made was 21 content bucket ideas, which proved to be a great lead magnet for me.

You can also choose to power pack it in the form of manuscripts or white paper taken from your very own blog posts and treat it as lead magnets. Curating it into a useful handy document after sharing on the website can turn out to be a beneficial product.


Videos are an extremely powerful & useful tool to deliver information. With the availability of multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, it’s a great medium of engagement.

Visual-based content appeals more than text and is said to account for 79% of global Internet traffic until 2020. So, it’s not hard to believe that videos are one of the best-selling digital products.

Online consultations

As part of your service business, you complete common tasks that are easy for you but valuable to your customer. You can use that skill to productize it into creating a revenue stream. Online consultations are one such example.

You could offer a consultation for a nominal fee or free with a  downloadable product in order to generate leads for your email list. Many online businesses use this tactic.

I do the same, by providing a FREE CONSULTATION FOR 15 MINUTES, which has the chance to lead to either a paid consultation or handling of the client’s Digital Marketing Activities by my Agency, Trumpet: Voice Your Brand

Downloadable Songs

As a musician, you can sell ringtones of your best tunes. You can sell beats, jingles, ringtones, songs, sound effects, or instrumental tracks depending on what works best for you. Since you don’t have an extra inventory cost, you can always experiment with different formats.

One such great platform to make some extra cash on is Stock music. There’s always a need for fresh tunes by the industry experts. So if you know what it takes to make a great beat, this is a great way to monetize your skills.


Photographs can ideally be a very effective product to sell on the web since there’s a huge market for customers looking for the right image. You just have to figure out three things: Finding your niche, Building your audience & creating several streams of income. 

These are some of the best places to sell photos online in order to make your photography business a reality:

  1. Getty Images
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock
  4. 500px
  5. Stocksy
  6. Can Stock Photo
  8. Adobe Stock
  9. Fotolia
  10. PhotoDune

Online Marketing tools – Software

If you can use your coding skills to create a useful product that can solve a problem for your consumer, now is the time to turn it into cash. The software industry is growing rapidly and will continue to bloom. 

Whether it’s WordPress-specific software, Desktop software, or Web-based Software, they are highly conducive to generate potential revenue.


If your audience resonates and connects with the value you put out for them, then doing Coaching sessions can turn out to be very beneficial for you. They would want to learn more from you.

You can mentor them, share your knowledge in return for a nominal fee. You can provide group mentoring or one-on-one private sessions.

Paid Newsletters

Creating a paid newsletter membership can be another fantastic way to monetize your work especially for new creators just starting with digital products.

Newsletters have become very popular recently. As a writer you can deliver VIP content to your most trusted followers, or coaches, podcasters can give extra sessions or create special members-only episodes.


From writing to graphic to AR/VR templates, you have a ton of options to create and sell templates based on what interests you the most. You can make copywriting, report/analytics, Email campaign, Presentation, Invitation, Resume or even web templates if you’re into website designing.


A printable game or riddle might not be well suited as a recurring mode of revenue generation, but it’s a good way to make passive income. People need help organizing, planning and getting something that makes their task easier, and they prefer printables to alleviate the pressure.

You can have a list of printable ideas like Calendar Planners, Workbooks, Spreadsheets, Journals, checklists, games, riddles and much more!

Workout plans

As a fitness freak, who doesn’t need your fitness routines? You can create plans, programs, challenges aimed for your niche audience who look up to you and want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Now that you have a bunch of options to pick, here are some of the platforms and tools to consider and start your digital journey!


  • Sellwire
  • Sellfy
  • Shopify
  • Gumroad
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Etsy
  • SendOwl
  • Instamojo
  • Creative Market
  • Envato

So get up and get down to work. Today’s the day you finally create your digital product and use your skill to generate revenue. We certainly make a lot of decisions and hardly follow them. But now is the time to make your decision even stronger.

It is also important to choose the correct social media marketing platform, to bring traffic to space from where you can sell your Digital Product. It may be any platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. You just need to understand where you can find your audience and put out the content accordingly. Click here to check out a few content ideas for various social media platforms.

Comment down below about the product that you desperately want to create. I want you to say it out loud, and type in the comments section, since we are most likely to follow them when we’ve told someone. And remember, good things take time. So even if it isn’t fetching you money at the moment, it’ll reap its benefits eventually. 

All the best!

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