Taplink: An Effective Instagram Bio Link Tool & its Review!

Did you know that using an effective Instagram bio link tool can resolve the issue of having one clickable link on this social media platform? Yes, Instagram just allows one place – Instagram Bio Link to have a clickable link, which sends you outside its platform? Because of this, just like me, many of my fellow influencers, marketers, Businesses faced the confusion of putting out the most useful link.


I was always confused if I should put out the

  • Link to My Website
  • Link to my lead magnet
  • Link to my Workshops
  • Link to my Blog
  • Link to my Portfolio
  • Link to a signup form
  • Link to an inquiry form


While I was struggling with the above problem, I researched various Instagram Bio Link tools in the market. I even used quite a number of them, however, my favorite one is, TAPLINK.

Taplink, not only helped me create a Link, which could allow me to have multiple links within the same link, It also helped me create a Link that was close to being a very powerful website. It is pocket-friendly, and offered a lot of integration services too.

The Business plan of Taplink, helped me with various Important Integrations, like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Notifications on Telegram, Contact Forms, automation through pabbly, etc.

As an example, find below a few taplinks that I have created for myself and different brands –

1. Trumpet: Voice Your Brand – https://social.trumpetmarketing.in/

2. Dolly Jain: http://about.dollyjain.com/ 

3. Anvi Gandhi: http://anvi.thenutrilab.in/

Let’s understand about Taplink, a little more in detail.

Taplink is a multi-link tool, which works great as an Instagram Bio Link tool too. It allows you to create multiple links with respect to

  • Your Products
  • Extraordinary offers
  • Moment messages
  • Community Links
  • Social Media Links
  • And many more!

According to me, Taplink can prove to be a one-stop solution for marketers, influencers, bloggers, freelancers, and small business owners. Its Integration with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels makes the tool all the more special! Yes, with think you can track and retarget ads towards people who are visiting your taplink.

In my experience, Taplink was way way better than other multi-link tools in the market. It allowed me to create Links that served the purpose of 

  1. A  Landing Page
  2. A Website
  3. A Portfolio
  4. A Social Link
  5. A Lead Magnet
  6. A Form

And so much more, and all of this was possible, because of its features and the multiple integration options available.

Let’s discuss a little more about the integrations available in Taplink, and what I love about it!

Building Lead Generation Forms

It helps you create easy and effective lead generation forms, and you can then integrate it with Pabbly and any of the available Email Marketing tools like – Get Response, Send Fox, Moodsend, Etc to build and nurture your email list.

Email marketing is still the best way to set up professional communication with your prospects while not sounding pushy. An effective way to collect email addresses is to create an attractive lead generation form and connect it to your email marketing software.

Build Effective Lead Generation Forms

Let’s say you are running a business and want yourself to be more approachable to your viewers. All you need to do is, just show your portfolio in the taplink, along with the lead generation form asking for their name, number, email & requirement. Now Pabbly (the automation tool captures this data) and getresponse (an email marketing tool) send an automated email to the lead.

This solves two problems for you –

  • Keeping a track of your leads
  • And taking the first step of nurturing your direct & warm customers.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

To add on to this feature, If someone fills in the the lead form, you can activate instant notications on your phone via telegram, messenger, email, slack or VKontakte. I personally use telegram for such notifications.

Taplink – Notification Integration

Payment Integration for your products

Another great features of taplink is that it helps you to collect payments directly on your page! Taplink has payment integrations like PayPal, PayStack, Instamojo, Razorpay , etc. This feature allows you to keep your audience in one place and improve the user experience.

instagram bio link tool – taplink’s payment integrations options

Say you are a stationary product manufacter, and you’ve just started out. You don’t have the budget of spending in a big website, but still you want to sell online. You can create and use taplink, provide product pictures there and get payments done there.

Is that not amazing? Trust me, it is a big problem solver.

Connecting to Multiple Social Media Accounts

Not one, not two, Taplink allows you to connect some of the biggest social media platforms to one link. You can link your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc account. Isn’t it amazing you can ask people to connect with you on any of these platforms using just one single link that has it all for you? 

You also have to option of giving call to actions like –

  1. Ping me on Whataspp/ Telegram and give the link to your Whatsapp/ Telegram business account.
  2. Join My Whatsapp/ Telegram Community and give the community link there.
Taplink – Connecting Social Media Links

Create Micro Landing Pages

If you have one service/ offer that you would like to promote, this can be a great option for you. Taplink enables you to create exciting offers that are hard to decline, launch promotions, and inspire your audience to place the order. It has features like, enabling a timer, which is a great ad on to your high-converting landing page copy, engaging videos, photos, testimonials, etc.

Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels

As I said earlier, Taplink works like the twin of a website. It enables you to use features like Google Analytics & Facebook Pixels, which helps you to gather information about your audience. This feature helps you to know what type of audience is visiting your link, analyse their behavior, and how much time they are spending on your link. These can be helpful if you run any retargeting ads to drive traffic to any link. You can target your ideal audience keeping in mind their behavior and audience data collected from the same.

Option of Adding Internal Pages

The option of creating multiple internal pages helps you keep your link organised. If also makes it easy for your users to understand things in a structured order. It also helps them find only the information that is relevant to them.

An effective way to organise your digital portfolio

Let’s say you are a graphic design freelancer who offers services like branding, brochure designing, social media post designing, etc. In such a case, you can create a separate page for each of your services. You can give detailed information about each of your services & along with that you can also add client’s testimonials, feedbacks, or previous work proof to improve creditworthiness. Isn’t t that sound amazing? It works even more amazingly!

It has proved to be one of the most effective ways of showcasing my portfolio to my leads!

Cookie File Policy

Taplink enables you to add a cookie policy to your link if you want. A cookie policy is basically a declaration to your users what type of cookies are active on your page. It informs them what user data you track, for what purpose, and where in the world this data is sent. The choice is in your hand if you want to use this cookie file policy feature or not.

Provides Effective Analytics, Statistics & Lead Information

Another great feature of Taplink is that it offers a separate page of Statistics. By clicking on the Statistics button, you can see how many people visited your pages and how many people conversions you received. This is one of the effective ways to analyze the performance of your page and create marketing strategies according to the same from wherever and whenever you want. 

There is a lead button available on the dashboard of your taplink account that offers a summary of the leads received. You can also choose to export the data in CSV Format. You can check data like Lead Status, Payment, Budget, Lead Date, and Lead Contacts. This feature helps you to have a track of your leads.

Multiple pre-built designs

So what if you are not a designer, and don’t understand the theme and color texture? Taplink is here to solve all your problems. Taplink comes with certain themes which you can use just by a click, yes! You hear me right.

  • There is a design tab available on your dashboard, just click on the design button.
  • Select any design of your choice and apply it to your page.

Your can have animated designs in this Instagram bio link tool too!

It’s that simple, unlike on a website where changing theme or design is a strenuous task, on taplink you can change the design at any moment.

Also, you can create customise your button, texts, etc within the pages separately.

Open Graph Feature

Taplink also has the feature of Open Graph where you can choose to select how does the banner of your link look and what is the bait text that you use, when you post it to any other social media. Open Graph gives an identity to your link so that before opening the link, the user can get to know to whom does the link belong to and what is the purpose of clicking on the link.

Taplink: Open Graph Image

Mobile Optimized

Believe it or not, I believe this is one of the most effective features of taplink. More than half of your audience is surfing the internet on their mobiles now & this Instagram bio link tool is equally effective for mobile viewers. You don’t have to worry about the layout and how it looks on mobile. Taplink is a mobile-optimized tool, hence you can use it freely without worrying about its appearance on mobile devices.

Also, Instagram is primarily a Mobile application, so using a Instagram Bio Link Tool which is mobile optimised makes way more sense. Right?

So What do you think?

Don’t you feel that this Instagram Bio Link tool is extremely powerful?

Not only does it offer amazing integrations with different tools, but also offers it at an amazing price. Check out the pricing plans of Taplink:


Spending this Rs. 2340/- per year, has allowed me to explore this tool, and fall in love with it. Don’t hesitate from this gamble. After all, it is a pretty small investment. Think that you just paid for dinner at a 5-star restaurant.

It is easy to use, the support team is responsive, and often replies within 24 hours. This tool doesn’t take much time to produce the desired result and you can add this one link to Instagram Bio to change the game for yourself.

I’ve created multiple Taplink’s myself, and I can help you create yours too. If you would like to get your Taplink Created from me, you can always get in touch with me at [email protected]

If you have any questions, suggestion or reviews on the blog you can leave it in the comments section below.


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