7 effective ways to make money on Pinterest in 2021

For the past 11 years, Pinterest has catered to the needs of every kind of audience. You name it, and Pinterest will serve you with your choice of content, be it quick and easy DIYs, or Fitness tips, or anything else. It doesn’t have anything but everything for all of us – from learning to earning.

Pinterest also allows us to earn a decent amount of money without spending a single dollar.

How to make money on Pinterest?

Let’s dig deeper into how you can make money on Pinterest.


Start a Blog

Pinterest is one of the best sources for bloggers to attract tons of traffic to their website and reach an audience of millions. Before setting up your profile on Pinterest, choose a blogging niche for yourself.

  • Whenever you search for something on Google, it shows a number of websites. With effective SEO, a blog/ Website starts ranking on the SERP. On the other hand, if you click on the image tab, you’ll find the similar information is available in image format. These images are sometimes pins from Pinterest. The pins rank according to the SEO as well. The only difference is the website works in text format, whereas pin works in image format.
  • Whenever someone searches the niche you’re blogging about, your content may come across (if the SEO is done effectively) and the customer may click on your profile. 
  • Once the person clicks on your profile, the remaining part is dependent upon the performance of your pins. “The more creative your pins, the more audience you win.” 
  • If your pins serve all the information that the viewer is looking for, it is sure they are going to follow you and in the future, if you come up with some product or service to sell, their chances of buying your products are higher. 

 Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your e-commerce site

Do you want to sell your products instead of paying for ads or investing in other influencers? If yes, Pinterest has a solution for you. You can connect your e-commerce site link to your Pinterest account.

To earn on Pinterest with an e-commerce site, you can follow the steps defined below:

  •  Create a Pinterest business account. It is advisable to create an account with the name of your e-commerce site or business name so that people can easily recognize you.
  • After creating the account, you must create eye-catchy and creative pins to showcase your product with the utmost uniqueness. Remember if it looks good, it’s half sold. On Pinterest your pins are your silent salesperson, hence you need to make sure they look attractive enough to arrest the attention of your audience.
  • Don’t forget to link your e-commerce site with every pin. If you don’t link your website to pins, your entire hard work of creating pins will go in vain. 
  • If your pins are attractive enough, people would want to know more about the product or service, hence they will click on the link you have provided. 
  • Once they land on your e-commerce, chances are high they buy your product.

Earn through Affiliate marketing

One of the most convenient ways to earn money is to do Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is a process of selling other products and services and in return, the brand gives you a certain amount of commission. The rate of commission varies from brand to brand. It provides you the freedom of working at your own will. However, to scale up in the affiliate game, you need to know the correct channels for promoting your affiliate products.

  • Let’s say your niche is fitness, in this case, you can get an affiliate link to any website that is selling fitness products.
  • Next, you need to connect your pins to the affiliate link of that particular brand. Now, promote them on your Pinterest account through creative pins.
  • Whenever someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you will get a certain amount of commission from the brand.

You can sell anyone’s product through affiliate marketing. Though if you face any problem in finding the affiliate link of any specific type of product/service, you can simply enroll yourself in the Amazon Affiliate Programme as Amazon has all types of products.


There are various other affiliate Marketing portals like:

  • Cj
  • Share a sale
  • Impact Radius
  • Paddle

Teach your Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing websites with increasing traffic, every other person wants to learn how to grow on Pinterest. You can be a source of information to them by teaching them what strategies you adopt, what you do to grow on Pinterest, learnings from your journey, etc. 

  • Before teaching your Pinterest strategies to anyone, first, you need to build a decent audience for your own account so that people can easily trust you, and your words. Once you have a good amount of followers, people will face no trouble in relying on you.
  • To teach Pinterest Strategies, you can also make a separate business account on Pinterest where you can create pins and boards regarding the same. For example: How to Grow on Pinterest, 10 proven strategies to get more likes and saves, and so on. The title of the board and pin depends on what kind of information you want to convey.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

You might be wondering who is a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? The responsibility of a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is to manage the Pinterest business account of different brands. That means Pinterest Virtual Assistant is responsible for creating pins, engaging with the audience, and building genuine followers for others.

  • There are two ways you can work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. One is to do it as a full-time employee for a digital agency or you can work as a Freelancer to be your own boss. I would always suggest you go for Freelancing as you can directly connect with the client and the pay is in your hand. You can decide how much your time is worth, unlike the digital agency which will pay you a certain amount. 
  • The benefit of becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is the pay is very decent and the working hours are flexible which means you can work from wherever, and whenever you want. The flexible working hours allow you to explore other niches and fields as well. 
  • If you keep on handling clients from one industry, you become a master in that, and BOOM! You can then charge even more for your expertise because an expert is always paid higher for his knowledge, and experience.

Become a Pinterest Consultant

In order to become a Pinterest Consultant, you need to learn in and out about Pinterest, gain your expertise in Pinterest Marketing, and then you can start providing consultation services to different businesses and clients. Providing consultation means digging into the client’s industry and his profile to provide an in-depth analysis of the client’s profile.

  • When you provide consultation that means you not only need to review your client’s profile but also offer him/her the solution and strategies through which the client can achieve the desired goals/targets. 
  • As a Pinterest Consultant, your job would be to make the life of your client easy with effective strategies. 
  • One of the common mistakes that most consultants make is, they think the client has prior knowledge about the platform. Your client may or may not be friendly with the features of the platform. It’s your responsibility to guide him. Also, if the client would have known how the platform works, he had not come to you. So, clear this myth from your head and try to provide every single detail to the client from your end.

Pin, Pin, and Re-Pin

Unlike other social platforms where posting once or twice a day is enough, whereas Pinterest demands a lot more than that. The more you pin, the higher your reach goes, also you stay on top of your audience’s feed. You should also not forget to re-pin the content similar to your niche. 

Re-pinning helps you to gain more followers and reach if you have re-pin the content of a big account. The more followers you have, the more your content gets reached, the more are your chances of getting tons of traffic to your website and affiliate links.


There are a number of ways through which you can earn a decent amount on Pinterest that too without much ado. So if you are beginning then, all you need is good and effective Pinterest Marketing strategies to excel your Pinterest journey. Consistency, of course, will play a great role in Pinterest Marketing too. Pinterest is going to be the next big thing or should I say it has already gained the attention of millions of users across the world. The earlier you start, the better it will be for you to capture a wider range of audiences. Because once the competition increases, it would not be that easy to grow on Pinterest and earn money.

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