What My Clients Say about Me

Jyoti Kheria Kothari

Founder of The Journal Store

“Working with Vedika's team made me realise that there is much more to Social Media Marketing than just posting pictures and caption. It's about community building which ultimately converts to sales”

“She is always willing to help, and her amicable nature makes her absolutely approachable. "
“Extremely happy and satisfied with the consultation offered by Vedika. Her work was sincere, exhaustive, honest and served exactly what I was looking for..”
“She is a liberal, attentive person and never shies to lend a helping hand. A driven person, motivating all those around her to hone their skills and become the best version of themselves..”
“Working with Vedika allows you to not worry about your Digital Marketing Activities. If there is something that is needed, she will take care of it!”
“Mollis sem amet, posuere iaculis purus sed id duis viverra ornare sem quis etiam urna amet id eleifend malesuada arcu aliquam phasellus euismod amet.”
Damian Joe
Founder of Dallan Clothing
“Knowing her personally and professionally, her ideas are unparalleled and eccentric. With a very unusual solution, she has the practical key to all the problems falling in her forte. Highly recommended marketing consultancy!”

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With