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A Quick Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Beginners: 8 Proven Pinterest Strategies

Do you know Pinterest now has 459 million monthly active users? If you market your business with effective strategies on Pinterest, you can capture a wider range of audiences and your business can grow like never before. But have you ever wondered what Pinterest is known for? Just as Instagram is famous for letting you connect with different brands and celebrities, Google is famous for search engines, Pinterest is well known for visual discovery engines. Pinterest attracts users through images and visuals. Here is a quick look at Pinterest Marketing for Beginners.

With billions of pins, Pinterest offers the audience to consume the kind of content they love, hence it is one of the most loved platforms of the users which further helps marketers to accelerate the business growth.

If you are wondering Why is Pinterest good for marketing, then hear me out on this one. Pinterest allows you to promote your product the way your customer wants it to be. You can create pins, and boards according to the preference of your audience and back them with a website URL. 

The prime benefit of Pinterest is you don’t have to spend extra money on celebrity endorsement, and on ads. It is all about visuals there, the better it looks, the more it gets sold. This is one of the reasons why Pinterest is important for marketing.

So, without any delay, let’s discuss 8 proven Pinterest marketing strategies and tips to grow your business or personal brand.


New users judge the capacity of your business on the basis of how your profile looks. If it looks attractive, and easy on the eyes only then people will stay to explore more. There are certain tips to modify the look of your profile which you can find below:

  • Profile Picture: A good profile picture helps to attract users. You can either use your own photo, in case you want to build a personal brand or add your business logo so that people can easily recognize you. Whatever you choose, personal photo or logo, make sure it looks professional and the quality of the picture meets the standard.  
  • Profile Description: Your profile description is what defines you and your business. Your profile description must include keywords and it should convey what you are, what you offer, and what you are interested in, what industry you are into, what your expertise is, and your uniqueness so that people can know more about you. 
  • Profile name: Your profile name should be simple yet catchy. It would be great if you can add a keyword related to your service so that your profile appears at the top when someone searches for a similar service. At the same time, your profile name should be easy to remember and pronounce.  

For example, If I take my example, I wanted to include my name along with a keyword so that people who search by name, or by keyword, my profile should not be missed in both cases. I have kept my profile name as – Vedika Didwania | Digital Marketer.

Connect to Other Social Media Platforms:

If you are active on any other social media platforms, connect it to your Pinterest account. Pinterest offers you to connect different social media platforms on your Pinterest profile. 


This way can gain followers from your existing account, also your new Pinterest followers can take a visit to your other social media platforms, and in case they like your other social media profiles, they might give you a follow there as well. Both ways, you win. You can link your Instagram account, Youtube page, and Etsy to Pinterest.

When you connect your other social media platforms, you not only gain more followers but this feature is also beneficial when you want to promote a specific post on Pinterest.

Add your Website URL to Your Profile:

If you have a website, connect your website link to your profile, as when a user finds your post interesting, they will surely want to know where they can find more content. This is one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic. You can link your blog, e-commerce site, or any other website you want. 

Create Interesting & Business Specific Boards:

Your boards should revolve around your business and the services that you are offering. The title of your board should convey what you have to offer whereas the pins should portray how you can offer that service or product. 

In the race of following trending content, make sure not to lose the track of your business. Your business is unique to others so should your content be. When you create industry-specific content, your target audience will automatically find you. Why?

Because when you keep on switching on different niches, the Pinterest algorithms understand that you are not stable and the algorithm decreases your reach. Whereas when you create content related to one specific niche, the algorithm shows your content to a specific kind of audience that has higher chances of liking it.

To create great pins and boards you can use tools like Canva & Crello.

Engagement/Be Interactive:

Being new to the platform, you must inform other people about your existence. You can do so by engaging with others’ content. Comment on the pins of other people who are of your niche. You can also pin their content on your account to be more interactive.

Commenting on others’ pins and re-pinning their content doesn’t mean you are writing any normal things like nice, awesome, etc.

When you follow this approach, people might think you haven’t even read the content which delivers a bad impression. If you want to make good relations with other creators and want to appreciate their work, give a genuine comment which should state what you felt about the content, or how it helped you. 

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is one of the most searchable platforms, hence all your content should be SEO optimized. If you are not optimizing your content as per the SEO requirement, all your hard work goes in vain because your content would not rank. When your content doesn’t rank, you don’t get the audience to serve. 

Pinterest seo

You can follow the tips given below to rank your pins and boards:

  • Board: The name of the board should be a keyword, something people search for. 

For example- If I take my example, I am into Digital Marketing. I name my boards as – 5 best strategies for Instagram, How to grow on Pinterest, etc. This way when people search about Instagram Strategies, my pins rank. 

  • Pin Names: Not only the board, but your pin name should also be SEO optimized. 

For example: Take the same example of mine, in that case, the title of the pin would be – 5 ways to grow on Instagram, 13 proven strategies to increase followers on Instagram, etc. Here what you need to pay attention to is the name of your pin should justify the content of the pin. 

  • Pin Description: The description of the pins also includes at least 2 or 3 keywords so that Google can know what your content is about. You can add hashtags in the pin description to increase visibility and to inform Pinterest what you want to rank for. 

Creative Boards

No matter what your industry is, you’ll always find competition. You have to give people a reason to choose over others, and that can be done through creativity and innovation.  

Whenever something is trending, people jump into the trend and start creating content around the same. What content creators don’t understand is the audience gets bored seeing a similar kind of content repetitively. 

It’s not bad if you are following the trend, but try to add your creativity to the content as well to make it stand out. Try to come up with new ideas that describe your business more effectively. 

I always say this “The more creative you can go, the more you earn.” You should try to build a reputation among your target audience by portraying your best creative side so that your audience remembers you as your trendsetter, not a trend follower. 

Join Group Boards

Group board is owned by one person where various other Pinterest account holders can pin their content. But in order to do so, you first have to send a request to the group board owner to become a contributor. 

The benefit of pinning on a group board is you get a chance to serve a wider audience. The audience can easily find you, and interact with your pins which further helps in increasing followers and visibility.


Apply all the strategies but don’t think you can grow in a few weeks. Give your 100%, stay consistent, apply all the tips you learned today and people will start following and loving your content gradually. Patience is one of the underrated skills among creators. They all want to grow fast and when that doesn’t happen, they often leave it in between. Make sure you don’t run in that rat race and come out as a real influencer. 

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